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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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superstorm sandy claims at least thirteen lives as it slams into is close to marco forcing barack obama under the trauma need to hunker down just days ahead of the presidential election. no bailout needed plain and italy's prime minister's insists that countries don't need help but the latest economic forecast says a national collapse is. the sound of foreign powers to refusing for refusing to negotiate with all the sides in the syrian conflict that's how to move on is always a good one for good. international
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news live from moscow this is he with me thanks for joining us the race for the u.s. presidency has been struck by superstorm sandy which hit hard at america's eastern seaboard packing a deadly punctured claimed at least thirteen lives before losing some steam as it moved further inland at least seven million have been left without electricity in several states and explosion at a power plant in new york plunged a large part of the city into darkness heavy rains are expected to continue for at least another twenty four hours as into the flooding in their area. reports now from the eye of the storm i mean they block out. the superstorm has been reading all a lot of havoc on new york and nearby state downtown lower manhattan but battery park there are some job to see these scenes unfolding the surge the tide this kind of fast search each seat and lower manhattan is literally underwater we have seen us throughout the city some cranes collapsing a building on the west. side of manhattan has collapsed tens of thousands of people
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have been displaced from their homes millions are now without power me included and clearly this storm is not over we don't know how bad it's going to get is of course the more south you are in manhattan but you can't disregard the the outer boroughs like the queens and brooklyn and staten island. all of all of new yorkers right now are suffering i should extend that to all those living in new jersey virginia maryland along the east coast this is this is a brutal storm and may be easing up but clearly it is causing significant damage a sandy is quickly becoming a huge player in this two thousand tom alexion u.s. president barack obama and his opponent mitt romney they both have suspended their campaigning events for monday and tuesday president obama returned to washington d.c. he addressed the nation about the series weather conditions told americans that this is a very big dream and ruby
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a serious storm and everyone should be taking this circumstance very seriously now on the gallup poll what's interesting is that they have announced that they are suspending their daily election polling due to this hurricane hurricane sandy it's not clear when they will be good polling again but sandy is likely to have that of the early voting now early voting typically helps i've democrats but we don't know what kind of damage will be caused by next week how are people going to get to the polls in six or seven days that is the major concern but that's something that we can insist pete and we until we see the opera math. and the u.s. because of its own heightened says sunday could help fuel a. tunnel between the candidates. it's destroying the legitimacy of the election potentially on the east coast early voting is being wiped out in these cities and states the voting of the elderly on the election day the voting
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of the poor on election day the voting of new yorkers on election day is likely to be diminished through no fault of their own and that will affect the outcome of the election but at the same time it's extremely possible to manipulate the computers so if it's a close election it will be protested and contested as illegitimate for days and days and into the future just as the election between gore and bush. was seen by most americans as stolen that could happen again so we are in for a an electoral crisis i think of a very very profound nature. and even as wall street clothes don in the face of sunday anti corporate ok by activists still believe the bankers will come out try the presidential campaign has become the most expensive in u.s.
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history with major corporations pouring billions into both comps and independent journalists j.m.s. and believes this will keep the occupy movement growing even offset action day. the presidential election united states really sucks all of the oxygen out of the room there is essentially no political work that can be done during an election i would say that the many different organizing projects that different. organizers and instrumental motivators in occupy have taken on in this period where without you know. actually argue quite well for the future of the movement that there's a moment of political maturation happening among occupiers and i think that. you know occupy wall she was really useful in that it introduced everybody to each other and keep everyone a common vocabulary and common conceptual framework for understanding the problems and that people are organizing in solidarity with one another in a in a really promising way but essentially the story of american politics is that it is
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completely incapable of reforming it is intransigent it is in the death grip of a system of corporate acquisition and accumulation that it simply cannot get out. and we have more live updates on superstorm sandy on our web site home coverage of the presidential race also continues as we take on what the mainstream is missing you can watch the final round of debates between the third party candidates right next monday. we both agree we agree we have to bring the tax rates down i felt the same as the president did governor romney i'm glad. you agree let's get back to something the president i agree on and you do you agree that the voters have a choice perhaps with you wondering who to vote for what to romney and obama agree on so many things remember you do have other options come november sixth tune in to see the second round of debates between the major third party candidates right.
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more stories now from around the globe this hour police in western kenya have climbed down a crowd the protests is indignant over the murder of prominent local politician several people are reported killed in the clashes the riots erupted after parliamentary hopeful was shot by an unknown assailants while driving entire with his wife protesters blames the police followed eyes with gangsters and deteriorating security. bahraini authorities say they are buying all protests gatherings amid escalating clashes in the gulf kingdom this comes after reports the country's police are tired and he molecule protesters in the capital manila with tear gas and rubber bullets on monday unrest in bahrain has been ongoing for more than a gay with clutches occurring around daily almost daily killing around a subpoena total the country has faced criticism from human rights groups for its brutal crime downs on for reform demonstrators calling for more rights access of jobs and education. japan is accusing china of sending four government troops to
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the waters of the disputed archipelago the vessels are said to have headed towards the islands after the japanese prime minister about to ramp up coastal security on monday both countries lay claim to the small chain of uninhabited islands which reportedly hold vast reserves of natural resources the territorial fallout has previously sparked mass protests in china and japan. international observers have called ukraine's parliamentary election a backward step for democracy saying they witnessed abuse of power and excessive use of money during the vote over eighty five percent of ballots have been counted so far with their ruling party in the lead the opposition which seeks the impeachment of incumbent president viktor yanukovych comes second with more than twenty five percent of the votes official results are expected to be announced on wednesday. spain and italy its prime ministers are denying claims their countries will be seeking financial help any time soon mario monti and mariano rajoy house
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tries that getting bailout cash. is not in the interest of their people both countries have already faced mass protests with people venting their frustration over biting spending cuts that states are trapped in a severe recession with unemployment numbers reaching alarming heights financial expert patrick young says the leaders claims of the no they not future borders on the. we've got the italian and spanish leaders who obviously don't read their own newspapers i mean just to give an example last week the spanish said they would launch an eighteen billion euro from to be allowed the regions by today can the ninth region had cleaned their little share of the pile and they've already therefore got commitments for seventeen point six billion amount to nine regions of space and there are lots of other regions that are bankrupt to go certainly should be in desperately need to be enlarged we'll be lucky to escape with i want to run hollywood good on history as the man who ultimately signed your route through an unbelievable pig headed obstinacy when he simply refused to appreciate the fact
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that he'd let his country slip by bridge and ultimately the spanish economy at the moment is going towards where it was about nine hundred seventy two when franco was still alive and well. meanwhile greece is being forced into juicer hundred fifty more financial reforms by its international creditors this as a journalist was arrested after publishing a list of the country's top tax dodgers that secret swiss bank accounts cost as vaxevanis sounds the same information was given to the greek authorities two years ago by christine legarde who was the french finance minister at the time however they also it is decided not to act on it and legal experts george drew garner says those accusations should have been investigated that end there. baby would not use it up the court exactly because it was not the. truth but the quick start investigating these me and they come to click that so i think it's just an early but i was the only use in a prefix it's now that the list is published in this material the state of going
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after these suspects it's going to be less of tax evasion they're good enough to the soonest it would be an upgrade to the of the if it is a good thing the sentiment of the injustice that the now i would hate to see these in these feed. would be some subset of these need to get in the way or face enough so maybe the least to be used would not to be as old or finance a problem but it could be a food stamp good enough to go to justice but it got to bully to go. later in the program we'll tell you how the crisis pushing some to find a bank. people who rob banks go to prison banks who real people get paid bonuses that has to stop not hold by the economic was that here is the find one pushes business not to find his own way to support the local community will bring you that story and much more in
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a couple of. horses and bayonets big bird these are the words of internet legend from the two thousand and twelve presidential debates when a candidate says something dog or are added to so much fun to make silly pictures like these on the internet whoa he but the problem is that the person who wins the bait is the one who makes the best argument not he who doesn't make a verbal slip up. people react to these debates like schoolgirls picking prom queen or rummy talked about big bird who howard dean scream. gaffes don't matter that much it matters if the idea is the candidates present are effective or not but more importantly it matters if they will actually do them if
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a future candidate proposed a brilliant economic plan that could save america but instead of saying pennies let the word penis slip or gossip celebrity culture would make him lose the election for sure as a potence army of photoshop or sort of hundreds of copper fellas is drawn all over the internet by the next day a schoolgirl attitude towards politics won't do anything except make fun internet memes but that's just my opinion. me it is easy to eat it's. easy. to eat. sixty.
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magine assets that the phone watches show every single mom. and waiting for you to stumble. i saw a man with a video camera so i moved over and he followed me. you know we realized there were following everyone from early in the morning. the only chance to get rid of him. is to reveal him. me double operation on archie.
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to download the official ati up locations to cellphones choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from matsushita t.v. is not required to watch all its food all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. any time of the. this as. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has urged all sides in the syrian conflict to open dialogue that's after a un brokered truce failed to hold violence between government troops and the rebels international envoy lakhdar brahimi on knowledge that the talks in moscow that some violence during the cease fire was committed by extremist groups operating in syria russia believes foreign states should take responsibility for the functions in syria they support and convince them to lay down arms on his point
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to slee explain why the west stance of backing the opposition and aiding regime change across the our world is not a solution for the continuing chaos. things have gone from bad to worse in a region powered by the hope of change not so long ago in libya one year after the revolution i guess shells and artillery reportedly be used against peaceful civilians lebanon is on the brink of civil war and syria is already fighting one. there is a process of another reformatting of the geopolitical map of the middle east when various players try to secure their political positions we consider this counterproductive such measures imposed from outside can never give a stable long term result. this is the result of western efforts to encourage the so-called democratization of the arab countries in ruins tens of thousands killed and hundreds of thousands maybe refugees but western nations it seems are still not
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ready to stop we are going to do everything we can to make sure that we are helping the opposition and to further pressure and isolate the regime seeing syria remove assad is a very high priority for us and it's not mere lipservice washington and its european allies our system the rebels to get rid of assad i'm sure of one thing the syrian regime will never find its place among the community of nations it has no future among us. that is why france will recognize a provisional government representing the new free syria once it's been formed. but if assad goes it's almost guaranteed that the carnage will continue with russia i sowed protects minorities including the christians that have lived in syria for hundreds of years even the strictest estimates of the situation received from a west european partners says that at least one third of the population still back assad regarding him as a person destined not to let syria turn into
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a country impossible for minorities to live in. and no more than ever syria's instability threatens the security of neighboring lebanon and here too the u.s. has made to kill it supports a new government it wasn't false that the lebanese intelligence officer was killed that prompted widespread condemnation and of course for the international community to stay out of the mystical say is a message the international community would do well to heed a phony to prevent the region from forming into for the chaos today we're seeing the a western and g.c.c. led counter revolution while at the same time on one hand the west is is proclaiming some kind of backing of people you know rights to self-determination through this arab spring actually what they're doing is unwinding it for them in countries like bahrain in yemen in countries like libya
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and in syria where the west has acts of ways thought to foment rebellion and force regime to paint a reality far from the minds of those who once championed the arab spring and what it could bring. and some penetrating analysis on syria on the expanding influence of its neighbors coming up later this hour the head of russia's parliamentary foreign affairs committee who talks about turkey's role in the conflicts but has a quick. turkey can't read or direct itself into this conflict you know that the war in syria. may have a lot of traps for turkey and the turkey has refrained from crossing the border and its ground troops to syria because it's easier to go in it's difficult to get out and the story of all the conflicts there against iraq whatever shows that you go in and the decisions taken
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a couple of days and then take years and years and years to get out so i don't think that the turkish government is willing to open a war with the syrian government. but. those two states are basically on the brink of war. people across the globe trues different ways to vent their anger they can on the crisis some resent being fired can't sum up for direct sanction on his laura smith tells a story a one businessman who decided to spearhead changes to the system by declaring himself a financial institution. thank you to one up thank you dave fyshwick is a cheeky northern charmer he made his fortune selling minibuses in his hometown of burnley but instead of fancy holidays and expensive cars when the credit crisis hit dave wanted to give something back so he decided to open
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a bank is late two thousand and eight early two thousand and nine my many customers are coming along to me to get funded for their bosses as they are doing for the last fifteen years but overnight that just stopped the banks just stop led to the to the customers and i'm thinking have they done something wrong have they made. mistake of the top of the gas bill electric bill you know it's not the people that are the problem it's the banks have the problem try thought oland of them so that's what it bank on dave he says although thanks to extensive red tape he's not actually allowed to call himself a bank and he's keen to differentiate himself from banks in other ways too he offers five percent on savings and he lends that money out to his local community and no bonuses and the profits go to charity. and. there just isn't a day in every town more's the pity so his isn't a model which could be rolled out nationwide in its current form but financial
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experts say lessons can be learnt for a healthier banking system one point is clear and this is a point that the bank made in a way is that banking has just moved too far away from its roots and its basic need to understand to saving with. highly leveraged lasting. dates ultimate goal is to bring banking back to its roots no more faceless conglomerates where computers and mavericks make the decisions and the one percent pockets unimaginable bonuses instead local banks for local people run by the community to benefit the community it's not a new idea in fact it's how banking used to be before the megabucks and mega banks stepped in and dave still taking to get some political support you have to take
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save us money and invest in real productive activity to take responsibility for doing it which is not the way currently works in his comic kind of crazy we're showing the way to a better banking system which is responsible. in touch with long. which actually could be the basis for going forward there's certainly got to be some way forwards as wave after wave of scandal hits the financial sector banking on dave and others like him looks more and more attractive one of the sayings i use a lot of people who rob banks go to prison banks who real people get paid bonuses that has to stop laura smith r.t. birmingham. join k.c. for the laces this is series case here russia's gas major gas problem is expanding as if it is indeed you're you have a company has set its sights on the new projects and to handle gas supplies to asia now the energy major will spend around thirty eight billion dollars to build
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a pipeline in the country as far east now a third of that money will be spent on the development of a gas filled in the sac home republic where the link will begin now the thirty two hundred kilometer pipeline is expected to be ready in five years from also plans to set up a liquid five natural gas production plant in the region by twenty eighteen but the company says the far east capacities will allow it to set up gas supplies to asia pacific equal to the current amount european ones or even bigger. this stay with us if it and shake out the equities because they are managing to hold on to the modest gaze just want to mention the fact the trading volumes are indeed thin today because street is closed for the second day and that's because the financial districts thought it because of the hurricane sandy the european markets they've been trading for about twenty five minutes and we all looking at
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gains just now i want to mention a few corporate results already financials a particular bank u.b.s. as well also b p europe second biggest company as well for posting significant gains as well and that's why we're not following on from what we saw in asia earlier on in the session let's check out the euro then it's continuing northward journey we can see the ruble is mixed and russia has moves the privatization process of our biggest seaports we're going to talk about that a little later on for you but right now into time i believe now we have got the answer to the syrian standoff with the head of the russian parliament's foreign affairs committee says stay put for that one.
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in the middle of russia's no way from civilization or any three on one helicopter treat from the nearest village. they still one family have been living here for a long time in tents made of reindeer skins. lodging runs in ada signal and minutes they also grew up in the to draw but left it at the age of six and never returned they now live in the city in apartment building but still remain and their regions.
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was planted here is a dancing teacher. was. still his tenses he tells the stories about his motherland. laws in europe to now has a one thousand strong rangy had when the enemy only saw the light can and most around it is gathered it turns and move to know the pasha they travel hundreds of kilometers in winter and then children for them. but the two families have less of a chance to come across each other they belong to different worlds even though there's sometimes a similar. what
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will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage working the iran tight rope pushing china and russia. as occupy anger spreads to parties still dictate their. selection of clothes.
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joining me now is the next day pushkov who's the head of the international committee in the russian duma thank you for being with us i'd like to begin with diplomacy in the world today and it's never been easy but it seems even more powerless with situations like we're seeing with full blown conflict in syria so you think a political solution that through words we can have peace there well i think the situation. has deteriorated extremely since last spring. and today it looks more like a bloody good luck. than something that would give fair prospects for. a peaceful solution yet i think that. the international community can generate.


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